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Owning a bed and breakfast was an unattainable dream until Sofia inherits the entire estate of a grandmother she’s never met.

All her life, her mother refused to discuss her past, or why she severed ties with her family decades ago. Despite the shock of being named heir to a veritable stranger, Judith Hall’s sprawling ancestral home presents a business opportunity Sofia can’t pass up.

But from the moment she arrives at the vacant, isolated mansion in Texas, someone begins terrorizing her.

Most of the local law enforcement seem ready to label her a hysterical woman, jumping at noises in an empty house, but the sheriff believes she’s too genuinely scared to be making it up. When they team up to find out what’s really going on, David and Sofia discover a family history darker and more twisted than anything they could’ve imagined.

If Sofia wants to keep her B&B dream alive, not to mention herself, she’ll have to unravel a mystery that began long before she was born.